Hello and welcome to my eportfolio/blog type thing. this is a eportfolio that was assigned to me by my History professor as a place were I could put my thoughts on what I’ve learned this semester and also as a place to put the various essays and the research paper I did. On this eportfolio/blog thing you will find Essays, Reading Logs, Reflections on the Past, the Present, and the Future, along with my Document Analysis and Research paper. I was initially reluctant about this assignment, just the thought of having a blog and having to maintain it throughout the semester and possibly longer, was a bit daunting and I am pretty sure much of the rest of the class shared my sentiments, but as the semester drew on I warmed up to the Idea of it. I have ┬ácome to realize that this blog is an excellent way to practice my writing skills, which I admit are a bit lacking, a place to go and listen to some relaxing music and calm down when I am frustrated or stressed, something I admit can only be otherwise done by a DQ blizzard and a movie or some video games. Admittedly this is a much more useful way of spending my time than the other two Options, so here I am. Hope that you enjoy.